Did you know that the no.1 cause of preventable vision loss is not having a regular eye exam?

This month, the world focuses on the impact that Glaumacoma can have on peoples lives, and how prevention can help to manage it. World Glaucoma Week, 10 – 16 March 2019, places the spotlight on one of Australia’s leading causes of avoidable blindness. It’s a great reminder to take care of your sight.

Over 300,000 Australians are affected by glaucoma, with an estimated 50% of those undiagnosed. Anyone can develop glaucoma, however there is higher risk for people with a family history, aged over 50, or of African or Asian descent. Other risk factors include diabetes, myopia (nearsighted), migraines, prolonged use of steroid medication, high and low blood pressure and more.

There are no early symptoms for the most common form of glaucoma, which is why regular eye examinations are important. You are now overdue for your next comprehensive eye consultation, and we recommend you have your eye health and vision examined for your peace of mind.

We care about your current and future eye health, so if we deem it clinically beneficial, we will offer you an OCT scan using advanced diagnostic technology. Often likened to an MRI of the eye, an OCT scan is completely painless and non-invasive. It allows us to view 3D cross-sectional images of your eye, aiding in the early detection of many eye diseases including glaucoma to prevent avoidable vision loss.

World Glaucoma Week is a great reason to book your next appointment with us today. We look forward to welcoming you back.